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HPE and Aruba Networking

At present time, computer networks constitute the core of each enterprise, where they are used for smooth wired and wireless communication, connecting various devices, applications and users. Whereas, as a whole, they form a complex mechanism, which should be easy to implement, operate, and at the same time, ensure security.

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What should be the trademark of a good network solution?

A good network solution should be characterised by open architecture, compatibility with a broad group of devices, innovative nature, security and flexibility, which a given solution could provide to an enterprise, so that it would be capable of reacting smoothly to changes of internal needs. Obviously, of no less importance is as low total cost of ownership (TCO) as possible.

In 2015, Hewlett Packard Enterprise effected a merger with Aruba Networks, which made possible providing the Clients with a full portfolio of products, with the aid of which it is possible to develop a good network solution for organization of just any scale.

HPE and Aruba Networking products

2930family2bData Center switches – are dedicated for handling end user needs and provide as an option, power supply of connected devices – PoE standard.

They are characterized by:

  • life-long manufacturer guarantee,
  • straightforward configuration and operation,
  • support for latest technologies (i.e. SDN).

As part of this group of devices we shall find, i.e. Aruba switches based on ArubaOS (e.g. 2930M, 3810M) and HPE switches representing the OfficeConnect line or FlexNetwork.

HPE 12904E Switch JH262A FbData Center switches – these are devices assigned to server-room, by default, fulfilling two roles in them: aggregation of connections from server-matrix cabinets and development of the core entire organization’s network. The common traits of this group of devices are:

  • high efficiency and reliability,
  • modularity and scalability,
  • compliance with the latest standards and technologies (i.e. SDN).

As an exemplary device can serve HPE FlexFabric product line (i.e. 5700, 5940 and 5950 models or Arista solutions (basing on original, modular operating system, based on Linux kernel.

Aruba AP 344 US FTbAccess points constitute one of the pillars of the Aruba portfolio, and for years now, have been setting the trends in wireless access. One of the available options is Aruba Instant, i.e. solutions enabling for a single AP automatic distribution of configuration of remaining devices, without there being a need for applying dedicated controllers.

Aruba Access Points also represent several useful functionalities, among which one should mention, i.e. ClientMatch, facilitating automatic detection of terminal and adjustment of transmission parameters, with the object of attainting most optimal connection, or else in-built Aruba Beacon, facilitating implementation of location services in an organization. Exemplary models of the device are: i.e. Aruba AP-344, Aruba Instant IAP-314, IAP-205H.

Operating software

HPE and Aruba offer the following options:

mgm 2

– Aruba Central – based on cloud, intuitive, secure, and cost-effective portal for operating Aruba Instant AP devices and access switches based on ArubaOS. Available as part of subscription per operated device.

– Aruba Airwave – solution destined for local implementation, making possible operating and monitoring of versatile network environment, both, wired and wireless. It also provides analysis of realised connections, along with central administration of problems. Aruba Airwave is available in the form of hardware or virtual appliance, licensed as per operated device.

– HPE IMC – this one, similar to Aruba Airwave, is a complex device enabling for operating versatile network environment, provided with a myriad of options enabling for, i.e. administration of errors, configurations of devices, efficiency and security of the entire infrastructure. On top of that, thanks to expansion modules, it is possible to integrate with HPE IMC services connected with analysis of user behaviour or security of terminals (in the BYOD age).

Network security

aruba 360

Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is a solution providing for use at security and network departments, the mechanisms enabling for full preview and control: of network (at any level), of connected devices and users, while preserving the highest level of security. Moreover, it offers advanced function of hazard detection.

Aruba 360 Secure Fabric consists of the following products:

– Aruba IntroSpect User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – the role of which is examination and analysis of network users’ behaviour, and subsequently – thanks to the mechanisms of artificial intelligence based on machine learning – predicting and avoiding of potential hazards. InfoSpect UEBA comes in two versions: Standard and Advanced.
– Aruba ClearPass – is responsible for control of network access at a level of devices, staff or visitors, while verifying the condition of the individual elements in the aspect of compliance with the determined security policy. Aruba ClearPass operates in versatile network environments, irrespective of a given type of network (wired, wireless, VPN). As part of this product, we distinguish three modules:

  • Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager
  • Aruba ClearPass Onboard
  • Aruba ClearPass OnGuard

beaconLocation services – they enable for, i.e. collection of information on physical location of network users with respect to receivers, as well as analysis of time spent at a given place. Finally, due to Aruba Beacon and Aruba Tag, it is possible, for instance, to analyse the amount of time, spent by Clients at given shop shelves or else to devise a system of ordering meals at a stadium together with their delivery to a place of stay of a person placing such order. An equally interesting form of use is the development of plans of, e.g. airfields and other public utility facilities with the assistance of navigating application. As part of this solution, Aruba has also developed Meridian platform, which facilitates operation of receivers as well as development of mobile applications for end users.

HPE and Aruba Networking technologies (selected)

Software Defined Networking (SDN) – i.e. programmable computer network, is a concept of network architecture, by which proceeds separation of control layer from mechanisms linked with data transmission. This approach has the objective of implementing automated configuring and operation of network, as well as facilitation of dynamic reaction of network to changing application requirements. HPE and Aruba network solutions are SDN ready, which enables for their random programming in the environment, with the use of OpenFlow protocol, or REST API.

Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) –  enables for connecting of switches into a single, logical, virtual device, which leads to the simplification of the processes of operating network environment, while at the same time reduces the costs of maintenance and the level of complexity of the infrastructure. This solution is supported by HPE switches representing the FlexNetwork and FlexFabric series.

Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) – is a solution providing the option of connecting of up to 4 devices into a single one, in virtual reality, without the cost of dedicated stacking modules. Moreover, the application of the LACP standard, for automatic balancing of network movement and high accessibility, serves to simplify the configuration of the environment with respect to the STP or ECMP protocols.

HPE Smart Rate – is technology enabling for aggregation of bandwidth in order to provide connection at a level indispensable for operating the latest wireless solutions (1Gb; 2,5Gb; 5Gb; 10Gb), without there being a need for making expensive infrastructure expansions. Additionally, this solution makes possible, through the use of the PoE standard, the supply of devices up to 30W per port. This solution is supported by some selected models of access switches and Aruba access points.

For complete product catalogue with examples of applications presented on the website http://www.hpe.com

Developed based on materials made available by HPE.

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