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HPE Primera

New Generation of Disk Arrays

In 2019, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced a new generation of mass storage on the market – HPE Primera. It is a family of technologically advanced disk arrays, dedicated to applications of critical significance for the organisation.

We live in the times of data-based economy, when proper and effective data management is decisive in terms of success or failure in business.

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Mass Storage with Artificial Intelligence

HPE is of the opinion that artificial intelligence changes everything. IT and the accompanying management processes are currently too complex for a person to deal with them, unless equipped with the most advanced tools. Intelligence is becoming the key to gaining the market advantage, including efficient infrastructure management.

HPE Primera 650/670Thanks to global and native Artificial Intelligence, based on the proven HPE InfoSight solution and fully redundant architecture, HPE Primera arrays demonstrate 100% reliability*.

HPE Primera is also faster, easier to configure and manage. According to the manufacturer’s warranties, the customer can install it in only 20 minutes by himself. Software updates take up five minutes, not requiring a device restart. HPE Primera arrays require also even 93% less time for management.

The Architecture of Future

HPE Primera arrays feature a number of advanced functionalities and mechanisms:

  • they employ the best functions and standards originating from HPE 3PAR, HPE Nimble Storage arrays and support natively HPE InfoSight;
  • in term of architecture, they are “memory-centric” – every controller has access to the shared storage pool, securing the entire solution against data loss;
  • they allow for use of data reduction mechanisms, such as deduplication or compression;
  • they support the NVMe protocol;
  • they do not require any additional licences for the functionalities due to the “all-inclusive” model;
  • they support HPE RMC, i.e. direct backup from the array from the array to HPE StoreOnce .

* applies to arrays meeting requirements specified by the manufacturer.


For complete product catalogue with examples of applications presented on the website https://www.hpe.com/emea_europe/en/storage/hpe-primera.html

Developed based on materials made available by HPE.

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