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IT Infrastructure Management

Business continuity

Reliable and efficient IT services are currently essential in every area of ​​activity. In order to ensure an appropriate level of their provision, in addition to the appropriate infrastructure, engineers and specialists in selected areas who will manage the IT environment are necessary.

What does the process of starting the service look like and how long does it take

Client’s IT environment audit

In the first place, we need to get familiarized with the current state of the IT organization and infrastructure. For this purpose, we perform environmental audit of all layers, starting from hardware, through network, virtualization, operational systems, data bases, and ending with applications. We also verify the organizational structure, the maturity of specific processes, compliance with license, as well as any potential business needs in as far as environmental security and accessibility in concerned.

Devising IT outsourcing offer

On the basis of audit, we set out recommendations depicting any modifications as may be required for applying in the environment, and we prepare an offer, fine-tuned to the real needs of your firm. We shall also recommend a flexible and advantageous model of maintenance – comprehensive / selective – and one that would enable settlement of provided services. We can provide you with various alternatives, e.g. lump sum one with no hourly limit, piecework one based on man-hours, or a mixed one with hour limit. At that stage, while working with you side-by-side, we shall establish the right parameters of service provision, e.g. SLA reaction times and notification solution times.

Preparing the process

In order to ensure optimal run of the process of taking over service operation, we shall sit down to it with you in order to determine the right order for sorting out recommendations along with the task performance time schedule. We shall also plan taking over of the responsibility for any specific areas and the activation of the process of notification acceptance.

Assuming responsibility for maintenance

Once you accept our plan, we shall start working on the implementation of already agreed recommendations and on operating maintenance services. During the initial stage, there shall be verified any access points to infrastructure elements, and we shall also get the environment connected to the monitoring system. The transitional period usually lasts from 1 to 2 months.

Making the environment stable and reporting

After the transitional period is over, we shall engage in co-operating in continuous mode. Both, HelpDesk, and the engineers, shall be there at your disposal, as per the earlier established SLA terms and conditions, and in the peak time it can be a 24/7 arrangement. A standard we share at ESKOM is reporting of services provided as well as recurrent reunions to summarize our co-operation. Over monthly cycles, you shall obtain any information on the notifications, which we handle, as well as on the capacity and security of your environment.

The entire process, depending on the size of a given environment takes approx. 2 months’ time.