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IT infrastructure audit

IT infrastructure is an indispensable aspect of pursuing business – if it does not function properly, the risk of failure and data leakage goes up. To ensure that your enterprise operates safely, it is worth investing in IT infrastructure audit at a trusted partner’s. As a result, you will learn what areas of your business must be improved to avoid failure and boost efficiency.

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How long does such process take?

The entire process will take up to 14 days. Your data will be fully safe – we sign an NDA with each and every client.

Why an IT audit is worth it?

Remember – our audit aims to recommend the best solutions to boost the effectiveness of your enterprise.


IT audit – adventages


Unbiased appraisal of the condition of infrastructure, security and IT processes at your company


Experienced, interdisciplinary and mature in business sense, consultants, who have completed numerous projects in various organisations


IT Report containing, among others, cataloguing of hardware, software and description of IT processes


Recommendations relating to security improvement and continuity of IT systems operation

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