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Sage Symfonia – software for business

Sage Symfonia is a valued family of software supporting such activities as management of the organisation’s resources as well as dealing with matters connected with its finances and accounting in a proper manner.

ESKOM, as a long-term partner of Sage, in addition to supply of licences, can effectively and efficiently perform implementation of the Symfonia system and provide trainings within the scope of its use – all this considering the specifics of activity and individual business needs of the Client.

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Sage Symfonia software in the ESKOM’s offer

Sage Symfonia is currently a quite diversified software family and the Sage product portfolio allows to select a solution adequate both for development of business and for the challenges connected with improvement of management efficiency. The currently offered products include:

Symfonia – configurable software designed for support of areas of the organisation’s activity. The Sage product family includes:

  • Sage Symfonia Finances and Accounting – allows for intuitive support of matters connected with the company’s accounting, effectively supporting continuous control of relations between the current receivables and liabilities. Access to necessary information will be always immediate.
  • Sage Symfonia HR and Payroll – solution supporting the HR-payroll policy of the company, concurrently guaranteeing its compliance with the governing regulations. Many security measures ensure confidentiality of data and supports settlements with such institutions as the tax office and social insurance institution.
  • Sage Symfonia Commerce – facilitates full control over processes of sale and state of warehouse resources. Provides flexible sale policy and facilitates work by means of support of electronic payments and cooperation with banks in this scope.


Symfonia ERP – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) type software. It is a system solution allowing for comprehensive management of the business operations, easily integrating its areas. Compiling the information coming from the said areas, it provides insight in the company’s financial position. Combined with easy of generation of reports and development of analyses, it provides knowledge allowing for optimal use of the organisation’s resources. Possibilities connected with ordering and automation of work will allow the managerial staff to focus on the most important thing – development of business.

Symfonia ERP is a tool with very fast configuration capabilities, resulting from structure based on multiple modules, offering diversified functionalities in the following areas:

  • finance and accounting – management of accounting, monitoring of enterprise’s financial position, estimation of the business project rate of return.
  • human resources and payrolls – support of payroll and other matters connected with settlement of employees’ salaries,
  • commerce – comprehensive support of processes connected with purchase, sale and procedures related to them, such as registration, ordering or dispatching goods,
  • production management – tools for optimisation of costs and improvement of effectiveness of production processes, providing control over the course and rate of return of their stages,
  • fixed assets – software designed to improve effectiveness of asset management due to improved efficiency of activities connected with records, stock-taking, etc.
  • analyses and decisions – Business Intelligence module allowing for performance of various types of analyses of data and reports, providing basis to make crucial business decisions,
  • e-documentation – the e-Box module is a tool for safe and efficient support of circulation of documents in an electronic form (the so-called e-invoices, e-declarations or e-transfers).

The full product catalogue including product codes may be found on http://www.sage.com.pl

Developed based on materials made available by Sage.

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