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IT Outsourcing – why does it pay off?

In the present time, it is difficult to spot a work advertisement, which would just inform in a general style “IT expert wanted”, with no further specification of the responsibilities that sought for person would perform. Just like in many other fields, like for instance in marketing or finances, also in the IT sector we have to do with high degree of specialization. IT worker can be a specialist in programming in Java, a data base expert, a professional dealing with the issue of network security or else he can be engaged in implementing a given type of application. There is just one problem – to be honest it will never really be one and the same person. In today’s article, we will try to prove that the IT outsourcing really pays off.

Expensive (and difficult) recruitment process

The organizations, which are faced with the necessity for dealing with IT measures of various kind, can surely expand their IT department to exorbitant sizes, by hiring more and more new workers specializing in a given field. However, this coincides with enormous costs of recruitment and employment alone, not to mention the very long time, which is frequently needed for finding a truly good specialist. What’s more, very often the persons in charge of recruitment themselves cannot state with a 100% certainty, that a selected by them person will really come out well. They just don’t have the right tools at their disposal so that they would be able, as early on, as at the time of interview, test the knowledge and skills of such worker.

Loyalty and professionalism

Access to enormous quantity of data, quite often sensitive personal data, is yet another issue, which should be remembered when hiring an IT worker. Most of all, it must be a trustworthy person – the question is, whether we can be certain of that, especially so when we are hiring a complete stranger. Even if such employee turns out to be a loyal individual with personal integrity, given insufficient skills and knowledge, he may put the company at risk of a loss, when, for instance, rules of data security are disregarded. The fact of doing it accidentally doesn’t really matter from the perspective of organization.

IT expert – only a human being…

Let’s suppose that company is successful in hiring an IT expert in a selected field. Let’s also suppose that it’s a person, which can be trusted 100%, and which performs his duties in a perfect way, while observing all the rules and remembering all relevant details concerned. Even then, such person is only a human being. He can all the sudden get ill or get injured in an accident (let’s knock the wood). If he is a picture of health and nothing bad happens to him, still, occasionally, he would surely wish to exercise his right to a holiday – not a single day long or a leave at request, but at least a one-week long. If somebody can replace such person for that time – then there is no problem. However, if he is the only expert in the firm in a given field – we have a problem, and rapid reacting to such problem matters an awful lot.

IT outsourcing – an excellent solution

IT outsourcing, or briefly speaking the transfer of tasks and projects for execution to an external company, is an excellent solution to all the mentioned above problems. Of course, such company must have experience, and have at its disposal qualified, and what’s most important, proven team of experts. While availing of such solution, organization gets also access to high quality solutions and tools. External company may get transferred either full operation or else operation of selected processes. From that time on, it is that company that takes over the selected responsibilities, thus enabling the organization to invest the saved time in performance of other business processes.

By entrusting the tasks related to IT outsourcing to ESKOM company, you minimize your costs in connection with recruitment and you will acquire constant access to experienced and reliable team of specialists. In no time we will help you in implementing new technologies and in constructing IT infrastructure based on state of the art solutions. You will save your time and you will be able to focus entirely on conducting the core activity of your own company, thus achieving ever better results.

ESKOM also provides its services in the scope of so-called body leasing. If in an organization it becomes indispensable to acquire an employee with specific IT skills, just for a specific amount of time or for just a given project, then, if candidate profile is outlined accordingly, we can find such competent person.

In its actions, ESKOM is always guided by what is good for its customers. Due to the process approach and use of expert experience at performing tasks, it can also ensure the highest level of provided IT services. ESKOM has implemented the relevant procedures and observes them, it has also got the certificates of Integrated System of Quality Management and Information Security as per PN-EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.

ESKOM is an experienced technological partner, which provides also the service of comprehensive IT outsourcing. A mutually negotiated contract of SLA type (Service Level Agreement), will take care of the scope of the provided service. The contract will indicate the optimal for organization quality parameters, the availability of technical assistance of IT engineers, the rules of availability of systems and equipment, as well as times of reaction and of elimination of possible errors in a failure situation.

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